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Animal Medical Clinic is proud to offer Class IV laser therapy to our patients as an effective treatment for many cases of chronic and acute pain, inflammation, and wound healing. Laser therapy can be used alone or along with other types of treatments and is a drug free, non-surgical means of providing pain relief.

Laser therapy uses light to penetrate tissue in a process called photobiostimulation. Studies have shown many clinical benefits including: reduced inflammation, pain relief, and accelerated healing.

What To Expect: Sedation is NOT required for your pet’s laser therapy treatment, which often has a calming effect on the patient. Depending on the condition being treated, most pets exhibit improvement within the first 12-24 hours post treatment. For most conditions, we recommend a series of treatments.

Benefits of Laser Therapy:

  • Non-surgical
  • Drug Free
  • No sedation required
  • No adverse effects
  • Quick and convenient
  • Immediate Results

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